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What is a Full-Service Freight Factoring Company?

Freight factoring has been around for decades, and Apex has been around for more than two decades. The freight market is unpredictable, we’ve seen it up, down, and everywhere in between. But one thing remains – trucking companies have the … Continued

Be Prepared for the Seasonal Ups and Downs of Trucking

Being prepared for the seasonality of trucking changes is incredibly important. Anticipating the dipping and soaring of freight rates, fuel prices, and market demands in accordance to the different seasons of the year makes you a smart business owner ready … Continued

Budgeting and Accounting Basics for Truckers

Using trucking jargon like reefer, deadhead, TONU, hot shot loads, and alligator can sound like a totally different language to people not in the trucking industry. While accounting words like assets, equity, and expenses seem foreign to most truckers. According … Continued

Is the Trucking Business Profitable?

It all depends on how you run your business. Owning a trucking business means that your operational costs as well as your profits come from how many miles are spent out on the road. According to the American Transportation Research … Continued

Apex Talks Freight Factoring with iTruck Radio

Have you ever wondered why factoring is so prevalent in the trucking industry? Have you considered what makes an ideal freight factoring customer? Are you curious what government regulations could change the way truckers do business? Apex Capital’s Sales and … Continued

What is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)?

Have you ever received a call from a company like this? “We work with ABC Company. Because you’re a client of theirs, we can provide you with $8,000 of working capital immediately. All you have to do is let us … Continued