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Freight Factoring 101Technology and factoring can make running your business easier

Technology has changed our lives a lot, so it’s no surprise that it will have a pretty big impact on your freight factoring program, too. A strong factoring company invests in technology to help improve the services you receive. That means you can spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time growing your business.

Here are some of the great high-tech features that Apex provides.

Credit Checks– At some point you’ll want to haul a load for a company you’ve never hauled for before. You won’t know how reliable this potential new customer is or how quickly they pay. At Apex, we have a great credit system. Clients can access this information via phone, fax, email during our business hours and 24 hours a day on the Apex Mobile Factoring™ App and Apex Account Management Portal (AMP).

TripPak –TripPak Express makes getting all your paperwork to Apex easy and less expensive.  Your driver drops the documents at a TripPak location.  TripPak scans the images and sends them to Apex. You can use those images to create invoices.

Apex Mobile Factoring AppMobile Factoring™ – Most truckers spend their time on the road. But most factors don’t have a mobile app. that helps clients with their basic needs. With the Apex Mobile Factoring™ App  you can check credit, find the best fuel prices, send images of paperwork to Apex and much more.

Account Management Website – The more organized you are, the easier your life is. That’s why Apex has the Account Management Portal (AMP). AMP is designed to help clients manage their company. AMP has images of all your invoices and schedules, a complete history of your relationship with Apex, the Apex Fuel Finder, NextLOAD and more.

Fuel Finder – There are some pretty neat tools that can help you on the road. One of our clients’ favorites is the Apex Fuel Finder map. You and your drivers can find the fuel stops along routes including the best discounts you get as an Apex client. The Fuel Finder is available on AMP, Mobile Factoring™, and NextLOAD.com.

NextLOAD – Apex created our load board, NextLOAD, with help from our clients. It integrates with AMP so you can find freight, check credit and find fuel all in one, convenient location.

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