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There’s an App for That: The Trucker Edition

Our Favorite Mobile Apps for Truckers We’ve all heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that.” It was popularized back in 2008 by Apple Inc. when they released the iPhone® 3g. If we fast forward ten years and 15 iPhone® … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 4/23/18

Has Strict ELD Enforcement Impacted Spot Market Freight Rates? According to the data from DAT Trendlines™, the answer is no. Earlier this month there were more trucks posting their availability on the spot market and capacity loosened a little bit. … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 12/4/17

Indiana Attorney General Files Request to Delay ELD Deadline Indiana attorney general Curtis Hill Jr. filed a request with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) asking for a delay to the December 18, 2017 ELD compliance deadline, says Overdrive … Continued

Apex Announces Membership in Blockchain in Trucking Alliance

At Apex, we consider ourselves forward thinkers when it comes to technology. We have a cutting-edge IT department, a Mobile Factoring App, a user-friendly Account Management Portal (AMP) for our clients, and a premium load board dubbed NextLOAD. So, you … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 11/27/17

New ELD Reviews and Ratings With more than 150 self-certified ELD products listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registry it’s hard to know which ELD is right for your trucking company. Luckily, there are two new websites … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 11/20/17

Trucking Industry Questions Tesla’s 2019 Fully Electric Semitruck With the pending arrival of Tesla’s fully electric semitruck, which has an Enhanced Autopilot feature as standard equipment, the questions about autonomous trucks once again circulate in the trucking industry. Tesla’s fully … Continued

ELDs are Here to Stay, So Just Get Compliant

Back in 1988, athletic sportswear powerhouse Nike coined a catch-phrase that we still remember today – “Just Do It.” Here at Apex Capital, we’d like to offer a variation on that theme – “Just Get Compliant.” We are talking about … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 10/10/17

Time to Secure Trailers with Electronic Security, Real-Time Data Since cargo thieves are targeting loads with higher values, the time is ripe to equip trailers with better electronic security and real-time data that keeps productivity healthy by eliminating the potential … Continued

Countdown to the ELD Mandate

The ELD mandate countdown has begun. The clock is ticking. There’s no turning back now. With barely three months left until the December 18, 2017 deadline for most commercial motor vehicles, owner-operators and trucking companies are about to enter the … Continued