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Trucking Industry News Update 5/24/18

Infrastructure Week Aftermath: Tolls, Taxes, and Trucks The roads are just as important as the trucks that drive on them all day, every day. That’s why we follow the infrastructure plan so closely here at Apex. We want to know … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 5/8/18

For-hire Trucking Industry Experiences an April Slump The trucking industry can be topsy-turvy. You know, from the ups and downs of seasonal trucking demands to the changes in staffing at big and small trucking companies. So it’s no surprise that … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 4/23/18

Has Strict ELD Enforcement Impacted Spot Market Freight Rates? According to the data from DAT Trendlines™, the answer is no. Earlier this month there were more trucks posting their availability on the spot market and capacity loosened a little bit. … Continued

Trucking News Update 4/13/18

Dialogue is Open on Mandatory Hours of Service Breaks In the ELD age, when truckers must electronically log their time on and off the road, groundswell is building on mandates to alleviate the daily 14-hour clock regulations. A bill in … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 12/18/17

Over-the-road Trucker Turned Detention into Life-Saving Exercise His name is Charles Ray Bell. He’s an over-the-road truck driver. By the time he turned 39, Bell was drinking too much, snorting cocaine, eating unhealthy food, and dealing with high blood pressure … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 12/12/17

Hours-of-Service Suspension due to California Wildfires A State of Emergency was issued after a wildfire burned more than 60,000 acres in Ventura County, California. This disaster has suspended hours-of-service (HOS) regulations for truck drivers providing recovery and clean up help. … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 12/4/17

Indiana Attorney General Files Request to Delay ELD Deadline Indiana attorney general Curtis Hill Jr. filed a request with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) asking for a delay to the December 18, 2017 ELD compliance deadline, says Overdrive … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 11/27/17

New ELD Reviews and Ratings With more than 150 self-certified ELD products listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registry it’s hard to know which ELD is right for your trucking company. Luckily, there are two new websites … Continued

Trucking Industry News Update 11/20/17

Trucking Industry Questions Tesla’s 2019 Fully Electric Semitruck With the pending arrival of Tesla’s fully electric semitruck, which has an Enhanced Autopilot feature as standard equipment, the questions about autonomous trucks once again circulate in the trucking industry. Tesla’s fully … Continued