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Apex Well-O-Ween Makes Being Healthy at Halloween Fun

Halloween can be spooky fun, but chocolaty and sugary sweet treats around every corner can be a trick and lead to a scary number on the scale! To help our employees maintain their health and wellness goals, while still enjoying … Continued

Summer Workout Tips for Truck Drivers

Get a good workout in on the road, without overheating! Truckers! You probably sweat just thinking about exercising in the summer months, but don’t let the thought of warmer temperatures stop you from staying committed to your health and wellness … Continued

6 Tips to Prevent Driver Fatigue

Being a truck driver can be a stressful job. Between tight load deadlines, truck parking issues, constantly changing regulations, and being away from home and family truck drivers can get stressed and feel burned out. But these tips can keep … Continued

Stay Healthy with the Apex Prescription Discount Card

Prescription Discount Card Provides up to 87% Savings! Staying healthy on the road isn’t just about eating right and getting exercise. Taking care of yourself means making sure you’re getting the right medication for you and your family. You don’t … Continued