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Hart Trucking

"We need our money fast to keep our truck on the road. Having the freedom to take good paying loads and not waiting 30 days or longer is a blessing!"

NY Transport

"NY Transport had its beginning with a truck and a dream. Once we started factoring with Apex, there was a dramatic change in the turnaround of our receivables, which made it possible to reinvest capital at a faster pace. With Apex’s superior customer service and array of services, we actually had a chance. Apex has a lot to do with our growth and they have become an invaluable partner to have in our corner."

"Apex makes everything so easy. Every time I talk with my representative at Apex, I feel empowered and confident about our business. With all my heart, I say thank you for being such a great resource."

Glory-Harglo Trucking

"At Apex, we are greeted by a voice that is compassionate, cheerful and willing to help. Apex and their staff are incredible and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!"

Great American Transport

"Apex is the best factoring company out there. They care about their customers like no other. The employees at Apex always have time for you."

WB Transport Service